Thursday, October 06, 2005

Thirties - here i come !

The nightmare atlast came true. Over the weekend, I walked into my thirties with immense fear, uncertainity and doubt. From here on, I impose a moratorium on birthday celebrations. Ok! I am exaggerating a bit. It was not all that bad at all. Infact, I felt pleasantly excited about exploring what is in store for me in future. Andrew Carnegie wrote in one of his private notes "In the first half of my life, I will create wealth; in my second half, I will give it away".

Neither did I create wealth in my first half, nor would I give it away even if I had! I will do my best to live well and enjoy the moments with my beautiful (and somewhat crazy) family - That I can do. While doing so, if I manage to create a global empire where my descendants' honor me with a life-size 'founder' portrait (which shows me 6'5", hands fold, large shoulders and bright eyes) in the entrance of our family palace 5 generations from now, that would be nice too. Sounds like a selfish megalo-maniac? Well, I was the one who became 30 over the weekend - not you.. Cut me some slack!

Peace out


At 10:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Paarthu Machi...seekiram kizhavanaanaa, unnaala, ennai kizhavi nu ellarum solliduvaanga ;)


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