Sunday, July 10, 2005

Crescent city - A heaven on earth

Just got back from our 4th of July trip. Priya managed to get some time off between her projects and we both explored the area around Crescent City, a sleepy north western Californian coastal city. The beautiful redwood forests adorn one side of the city and on the otherside is the adorable expanse of the Pacific ocean. We pitched our tents in the KoA campgrounds and did a bunch of day hikes to the nearby riveria. Travel in any direction for 15-20 mins, you are in the middle of secluded redwoods. Those big ass trees are a sight in themselves. They are much bigger than the ones in the Big basin state park near the San Francisco bay area. The Smith river (north fork, south fork, central fork, north central fork and all combinations thereof) runs through the city and we took 20 mins trip from Crescent city to see the place where it merges with the grand Pacific. Priya and I sat in the Pelican dunes beach, one of the many beaches in the area, for 3 hours (a lot of sunscreen) and we had the beach all to ourselves, well excepting the Pelicans ofcourse. If the redwood forests allowed me to experiment with a lot of shades and lightings and with taking photographs of elegant ferns, the beach provided a feast of sunsets. At the end of every day, when we were tired of er.. relaxing, we hit the beach near the Battery Point light house, which is a witness to the 22 feet waves during the 1964 tsunami that claimed the lives of 15 denizens of Crescent City. We both concurred (ahem..) that this place is as close as it gets to a heaven on this Earth. Well... all good things will end and so came the 5th of July when we have to bid adieu to the north western californian redwoods and floor the pedal to get to the concrete jungle we so lovingly call the friggin' bay area ;). For a photo essay, please point your browser to my yahoo photos page and set the slide show to 'slow' mode.

Peace out
sai n' priya


At 12:40 AM, Blogger Vinodh Kumar said...

So changed from writing 'everything under the sun' to also shooting 'everything under the sun' these days? :-)
Who is the actual photographer - u or Priya?

PS: thanks for the link :-)

At 10:09 PM, Blogger Sai G said...

Photographer - me, subject - Priya :)
So, howz the post engagement, pre married life treating you ?


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