Sunday, December 04, 2005

Mission peak with Priya

Last evening, the weather was so beautiful that I ditched studying for my finals and went for a hike to the mission peak. After Priya's ortho surgery last year, her physio had told her not to do mission hike as it would strain her knees. She threw that caution to the wind and braved the arduous hike as the weather was irresistible.

It is one of the pleasures of being in the Bay area - year around outing possibilities with a T-shirt. We started around 3 PM and as expected the parking lot was overflowing (why can't people enjoy a good day staying indoors?). It was pleasant hike all the way to the top and we reached around 4:50 right about sunset. We saw a couple of turkey vultures enjoying the blissful sunset by stalling in the air - may be this is where Jonathan Livingston got his inspiration for his name-sake Seagull. At the top, I 'Bravo'ed Priya; we sipped tea that we brought from home, took some summit photos and vowed to come back during spring when the peak gives a green carpet welcome. On our way back, we enjoyed the the rise of the Orion and the Pleiades. Everytime I view the Pleiades, I cannot help but think about the mysticism associated with that constellation - Did we really come from there as cosmic dust?, Are Edgar Cayce's prophesies real? Truth or mindless fiction, the Libran that I am, I have the license to indulge in some fantasies. At the end of it, we witnessed the early night moon.

I wont even attempt to describe it. Though I cannot do justice to it with photography, I attempted to capture it which I have attached here for your viewing pleasure. Amidst layoffs, shrinking real wages, over priced houses and the exodus of tech workers from the Bay area, there are still reasons why we would pay the premium to live here and we were convinced of those reasons when we saw the glittering valley on the way down. The hike also reminded how badly out of shape I was - Time to hit the gym fatso
. More photos at yahoo photos.

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